What They Say About Mia

See what Mia's clients have been saying about her mentorship programs, systems, and annual retreats.


"From stuck to creating what's possible in less than two weeks. Thanks to Mia and the support of this group."

Aida Dismondy, Attorney &
Counselor at Law

"Mia has helped me become a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author."

Anne Palmer, The Gifted Trap

"Mia Redrick is the person who has changed my life. Had I not met her, I wouldn't be able to further my business."

Fareedah Shaheed, Cyber Security Expert


"I created a $20,000.00 offer and sold it right there and then, the same weekend of our retreat!"

Yahya Smith, Feminine
Success Coach

"With just 2-days working with Mia, I was fully transformed. I quit making excuses and I was able to step into the opportunities that I once hesitated."

Rachel Foy, Author & Speaker

"Within weeks of working with Mia, I was able to earn more than $20,000.00 within 2 months."

Cynthia DeVese, The Student Success Coach


"Because of attending Mia's event and applying the strategies she taught, I closed my very first contract for $7,500.00 within 3 weeks."

Tamara Brown, Not Your Ordinary Coach

"I closed $48,000.00 as my first deal within 3 weeks of being coached by Mia."

Audra Christie, Mindset
Change Coaching

"My working hours for my business is down to 31.5 hours per month and I earn more than I did working for 80 hours a week. All made possible by working with Mia Redrick."

Wendy Alexander, International Business Strategist


"I was trading time for dollars but today, I closed my first deal at $140,000.00 not even 2 weeks after The Giant Experience."

Stacey Ames, Children and
Families United

"Thanks to Mia, I've made over $24,000.00 using the same script she shares in her programs at The Giant Experience. If you understand ROI, then you understand how valuable not only her teaching is, but the woman herself."

Evelyn Williams, Evelyn Inc.

"Mia gave me the confidence, mindset, and formula on how to grow my business."

Kathy Williams, Diabetes
Prevention Specialist


"I used to be intimidated to go through the sales process and call leads but thanks to Mia Redrick, I have made over $50,000.00."

Dr. Frederick Jones, Book Coach

"I was able to create my first premium product and sell it on the same day!"

Cathy Allen, The Green Ambassador

"Mia has pushed me to be GIANT. Within the 1st month of working with her, I was able to launch my first event. She made me own my greatness and to never play small."

Tameika Isaac Devine, A Devine Life


"She really does what she says. She helped me package, price, and position myself as the obvious choice in the market. I've earned over $60,000.00 within months of working with Mia."

Dedra Spears Johnson, Nonprofit Expert

"Mia Redrick has shown us how to create a business around the life that we want to live step by step. You just have to follow her because she has already done it!"

Stephanie Smith, Relationship
Rehab Specialist

"Mia is such a giver and she has been very generous about giving information. I was able to elevate my business and see other opportunities beyond what I initially wanted. I was able to create my own coaching program only within months of working with her!"

Dr. Yolanda Lenzy, Lenzy Dermatology

Carol Hunter

The Money Mender

I accepted your challenge to close at least $20,000 for my new 6 month program by July 31st.. At 2:25 pm TODAY, my final total is $20,298!

Marcie Nixon

Business Strategist

After really implementing strategies that Mia provided, I did pretty well in my first launch with my beta group that made $12,000.00!

Lisa Larter

Author Of Pilot And Profit

Before I met Mia I had this big idea for a book and I didn’t know how to start. Now I have a book, Pilot to Profit and it’s a #1 Best Selling book in multiple categories and countries. 

Mia Clapp

Kenneth Clapp Photography

I am proud to say that before I left the workshop, I put your methods to the same day and  within three days, I received 16 bids from all over the world ranging from
$120 - $500 per website.

Crystal Freie

Inspirational Speaker

OMG!! The Leverage What You Know event was a game changer for me. Seriously, I took 9 pages of notes and gained so much knowledge that I am implementing into my business right now. Mia Redrick, I can’t thank you enough for such a gift!! Can’t wait for the bonus live Q&A tonight!

Mele Williams

The Diplomatic Scribe & Candid Conversations Coach

Within 30 days of working with Mia, I'd completed an e-book (AND brought it to market), and created an exciting new direction for my business!

Erica Gordon

CEO Of MomsWithDreams University

What I love most about Mia is that she teaches her clients the same strategies that she uses in her business, which lets me know that they really do work.

Charlotte Avery

Family System Strategist

I would have never been in the place that I am in right now without Mia. I am no longer uncertain of my purpose, brand, my why, and a few other things. 

Ilka Chavez


The value you have added to me personally, to my business and to my life exceeded my expectations. You are classy and effective coach focused on results. I appreciate you!

Aleks Stefanovska

Chief PainFreeToCollege Advisor

"I knew that her systems and her coaching could help me get past my own glass ceiling. Within 45 days, I recouped 10% of the investment. Today, within 90 days, I had reached many of my personal goals on my vision board and am using Mia's tools and system to grow my business. Mia is real."

Glen Garnes

Founder, Village Connector Community

"I earned over $30K with my book Let’s Not Be Partners. I’m grateful for Mia Redrick’s ability to coach and to support me with building this product. I recouped my investment 1000 X’S!"

Mari Elisa

Public Speaker

"The Leverage What You Know Replay has the information and genuine interest in delivering the tools that will yield success! If you are straddling your old self and ready to implement-- Thanks Mia for being direct, simplistic and authentic in what you know that will help US all GROW!!"