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Mia is the “real deal” coach who has tons of weekly examples of clients creating, packaging, and selling premium products

About Mia Redrick 

Mia Redrick, Lifestyle Brand and Business Coach

Mia Redrick Is the go-to consultant for sharp, smart, go-getting women looking to package their expertise into high-ticket products/services both online and offline. Her track record for supporting her clients with high-ticket results quickly is unmatched.
She has coached thousands of clients around the world. Everything she teaches she has personally accomplished and backs up with PROOF. Mia is a television personality and life-style brand. She has joined Emmy nominated and winning nationally syndicated shows on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. Additionally she is a best selling author, in-demand consultant for Fortune 500 companies and top coach to thousands of professional women supporting them with building incredible brands. 

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