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1. Instant 12-Day Access To The Systems That Has Supported Mia's Clients With Packaging Their Services For High-Ticket ($30,000.00)


Elevated Understanding of How To Leverage Your Knowledge - Mia Redrick 

Ready to have a different elevated conversation about growing and scaling your business?  Ready to toss formulas that don’t work and learn what it really takes to consistently hit 6 and 7-figures in business?


Intellectual Property Essentials -Kimberly Grimsley, Esq.

This class will support you with protecting and securing your training, curriculum, courses, books and so much more.  Learn what type of contracts you need to put into place for your team, licensing agreements, coaching/consulting programs, corporate partnerships in this elevated session.

How To Market Using Facebook and Linkedin Ads To Diversify Your Audience – Dr. Dan Giuglianott

Learn how to market and get qualified leads using a Facebook and Linkedin ad marketing strategy. Learn the little known strategies on how to leverage a Facebook and LinkedIn ad strategy to grow your profitability and list of targeted buyers who desire your services. What you will learn in this session will teach you how to get directly in front of your ideal leads.

Pitching Better Brand Stories

Learn how to build better relationships with media and get your pitches noticed. Roshanda Pratt, a 20-year news veteran shares inside secrets to you landed media with your experience, expertise, and know-how. 




It’s all about sales. How to attract only clients who can pay for premium services/products! - Mia Redrick

Learn my sales process to attract the right audience for your services. You will not be able to write fast enough during this information-packed session.  Learn how to position yourself in the marketplace as the ideal choice and the secrets to attracting premium buyers who say “Yes” quickly.

How to Close during your Sales Process. - Mia Redrick

Learn exactly what to say during your sales conversation to close more clients and increase your business profits. Mia will teach you exactly what to do to build more confidence in your sales process. You can have it all and build an amazing business that provides you with true time-freedom on your own terms. Mia will help you develop your blueprint for building a business that gives you more time, money and freedom.  If you want to learn a new way to work smarter and not trade time for dollars this session is for you




2. Implementation and Accountability Guide ($997.00 value)

3. Bellydancing, Yoga & Zumba classes to move and groove ($300.00 value)





5-Day Live Exclusive Training with Mia Redrick to Answer Your Specific Questions Daily ($16,000.00 value)

April Event Dates:

Monday 19th - Friday 23rd

Monday 19th: Packaging Your Services At The Highest Level.
Tuesday 20th: Price Your Transformation - Step by Step Process.
Wednesday 21st: Position Yourself As The Obvious Choice.
Thursday 22nd: Finding Buyers in Any Market (Even During COVID).
Friday 23rd: Results and Closing Circle.


 Access to a private Facebook Community to support Masterclass implementation

($997.00 value)


Daily Watch Party with the community for immersive learning 


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Who is Mia Redrick?

Mia Redrick Is the go-to consultant for sharp, smart, go-getting women looking to package their expertise into high-ticket products/services both online and offline. Her track record for supporting her clients with high-ticket results quickly is unmatched.
She has coached thousands of clients around the world. Everything she teaches she has personally accomplished and backs up with PROOF. Mia is a television personality and life-style brand. She has joined Emmy nominated and winning nationally syndicated shows on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. Additionally she is a best selling author, in-demand consultant for Fortune 500 companies and top coach to thousands of professional women supporting them with building incredible brands. 


 How to build a six-figure business from home with what you know

This training course is designed to support you on how to create a six-figure business that you love, and do it now from the comfort of your home! This course will guide you on how to get started from where you are, with what you know. Or, if you already have products, you will learn how to value your services more than you have before. 

($997.00 value)