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Scope Coaching Program

Hi There!

I've built my brand from scratch and personally have coached hundreds of people to create their own empire! Many of my clients have gone on to create impressive and profitable brands of their own leveraging their expertise and gifts! Everything that I teach I can personally vouch for, as I have done it myself.

My coaching centers on the quality of life, the balance between work and personal/parenting, monetizing your unique assets and skills and creating the right strategies to create a profitable business with time-rich systems.

What you need to know about me as your coach:

  • I work 30 hours a month or less, and earn a strong multiple six-figure income - want to learn my secrets?
  • I work from the comfort of my home leveraging what I know with time-rich models.
  • I do not have to travel to generate income in my business.  I love my business models that allow for true freedom.
  • I believe that your life informs your business and that quality of life matters. I've learned the secrets to building profitable models that enhance work/life flow.
  • I'm a badass at creating products, leveraging what you know and turning your ideas into profitable products.  I've coached hundreds of clients all who have created products/services while working with me.
  • Everything I teach, I have done personally. I am not a theoretical coach.  I teach the "How To".
  • I believe that your children and spouse benefit directly when you are happier because you are doing what you love.
  • God is my source.
  • Freedom and owning my time means everything to me, and I know it will to you, too.
  • I date my husband weekly in the middle of the day because I can. (I've been married for 20+ years) And it is great!
  • My children have never seen my husband or I work a job because we are successful entrepreneurs. We have been full-time entrepreneurs for over two decades.
  • I've built an international brand and business.
  • My background is corporate training.

I think this is pivotal when choosing the right coach for you. You want a coach with proven results. You want your coach to have the precise solutions you need to expand your business and life. You want accountability. You want authenticity.  You want a coach with real results you can touch. You want to be called out when you are not showing up 100% for your dreams and goals. You want a coach that’s aligned with your objectives and values.

This is what I offer you.

So, I created this straightforward, but incredibly powerful program for You.


My Mom's Academy Scope School promises to you:

  • You pick your coaching journey with my carefully selected business, life and mindset trainings. Select what to watch from your library, based on what you need at the moment. Every month we will send you 30 new video trainings, so you can learn something evevery day. You can choose different content depending on where you are at, so as you develop, the program develops with you. Tailor made!
  • All lessons are packaged as either Life, Business or Mindset training. It will be really easy for you to find the appropriate content that you want to learn when you want to learn it. So you won’t waste any of your precious time
  • Everything I teach you is relevant to support your growth this year in business. I'm going to break down exactly what You need to do to achieve results. My only goal is to see you knock the ball out of the park. This is all about you and your success!
  • This coaching program is developed taking into account the importance of Quality of Life. My objective is to challenge you to maintain a good lifestyle, and the right balance between your business and your personal life. That is what a quality of life looks like.
  • You will receive full support during your journey, on how to build your Business and a Life that you Love
  • I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. I'm here to coach you straight so that you can do what you need to do, to build your business and grow your life. I want you to create a successful, profitable business and to finally go for that dream living inside of you. I know You can do it
  • Parenthood is not an excuse as to why you cannot achieve your goals. I’m certain you have gifts, talents and experience that can be monetized and with the right coaching your can achieve those goals. Your ideas are monetizable.  I know you can do this, and still be an amazing parent! 


You will get all of this:

  • 30 new Video Trainings per month. On Mindset, Business, and Life Success! So you can choose what to learn, and when you want to learn it.
  • Access to my resources, experience and knowledge. And my whole support and guidance. I really have been there, and done it. I want to help you to hit your goals this year! So, take advantage of my experience. 
  • Be part of an exclusive, private Facebook community to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and establish an amazing networking of go-getters. In our community, you can share thoughts, doubts, and experiences and receive support 
  • A Facebook Live Q&A on the first Wednesday of every month (1:00 p.m. EST) with your Coach, Mia Redrick. So, you can get all of your questions answered!


This is for you if…

  • You want to work with a Master Coach for Mom Entrepreneurs and Women.
  • You want to learn how to build a solid business from the comfort of your home, with time-rich systems.
  • You want the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.
  • You are an implementer.
  • You love video training.
  • You want accountability.
  • You want to be part of a like-minded people community.
  • You want to work with a coach with proven-results. Whose clients create, sell products and build profitable brands using their gifts, education, soft-skills and professional experience.
  • You believe in investing in yourself.
  • You want to work with a coach who has been full-time in business for over a decade (without a w-2 income).


Just to be clear, it is not for you if...

  • You are not a self-starter.
  • You just want to take all the information as fast as you can, and not implement it. 
  • You are not focused on hitting your goal this year. 
  • You are not willing to invest $97 per month for a coach.


I want you to choose your own coaching journey, by selecting the training you want, when you want it. Scope School is easy to use.  You only need to press the play button to get your daily dose of coaching. 

My goal here is to give you all the resources that will take you to achieve the results you deserve. I’m going to challenge you weekly in our community, to work harder toward those results. You won’t be able to continue hiding from your brilliance, in a community of like-minded women!

We will see you on the inside of The Scope Coaching Program!


Live fully,


Mia Redrick, is a top coach, entrepreneur, and a best-selling author, loving mother and wife, who created the renowned National Brand The Mom Strategist™. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Dr. Oz’s Sharecare, Dr. Laura. As well as Essence, Self, and Women’s World magazine. She has joined top shows like America Now and The New Ricki Lake. She has been heard on National Public Radio and on Sky Radio reaching both, Delta and American Airline. Her advice has reached and helped millions!

Mia has created an incredible successful and fulfilling life for herself and supported hundreds of clients in doing the same.  Mia is the "real deal"  entrepreneur that owns several businesses that have allowed both her and her husband to be full-time business owners for over two decades doing what they love.

She created her business from scratch over 13 years ago and works only 30 hours per month from the comfort of her home! She focuses on creating a balanced lifestyle, where she can work on what she loves, and still get plenty of time to spend with her beloved family, and on herself! She’s all about Quality of Life and Building A Strong Sustainable Income In Your Business Leveraging Your Gifts.

She is the premier thought leader, change agent and sought after speaker, who is influencing and changing the life of thousands of mothers. Mia believes that when a mother is happy she adds value to her family, community and her life. That’s why she empowers women to go after their dreams. The Mom Strategist is the absolute perfect mentor for any mother or women who wants to know how to create absolute Happiness in Motherhood.

Mia Redrick has launched her exclusive Scope Coaching Program, so she can support millions of moms on creating a fulfilling life and business.  

So it’s time for you to stop playing small, and join Mia to create the life you deserve!



The Mom's Academy Scope Coaching Program


Scope Coaching Program is a video-training coaching program with Mindset, Life and Business topics to move you closer toward the success that you want. You are billed only $97 per month and get 30 New Video Trainings Monthly with information designed to support you with the results oriented advice you both need and want.

In addition, you will join an exclusive private coaching community with Mia, to post your insights, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and receive support. Furthermore, you will join Mia once a month, for a live Q&A on Facebook Live to get your questions answered!

You’ll be able to create a lifestyle, a successful business that you love.  Because from now on, you will own your time! Learn Mia’s secrets to create the life of your dreams!


$97.00 USD every month