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Mia Redrick has coached thousands of mothers around the globe to build profitable businesses leveraging their education, expertise, talent and soft skills to design a life that they love.  Mia believes that your life informs your business and that successful entrepreneurship for mothers acknowledges quality of life.  Her exclusive Mom's Academy Scope Coaching program is a culmination of her experience building a solid six-figure business working less than 30 hours a month from the comfort of her home and supporting hundreds of clients with creating product that they monetize passively.  This program is designed to support you with building your own six figure foundation gaining the necessary mindset, life and business training pertinent hit your next level in business.  This coaching process allows you to choose your own journey, education and to caters to busy moms whether professionals, business owners, start-ups or stay-at-home moms. 


Hi There!

It's Mia here. I hope you learned a little about me in my introduction.  I've built my brand from scratch and have literally shared my advice with millions around the world.  I've personally coached thousands of clients who have built impressive brands that are profitable and many that operate with passive systems that I teach for building a business. Everything that I teach, I have done personally.

What's unique about the way I built my coaching practice is..

  • I work 30 hours a month or less and earn a multiple six-figure income
  • I work from my home
  • I travel less than 60 days a year for business.  I'm not into that.  I've got a great family that I enjoy spending time with.
  • I believe that your life informs your business and that quality of life matters.
  • I'm a bad ass at creating products, leveraging what you know and turning it into products and making money with passive strategies that compound either with individuals or corporations.  The best!!
  • Everything I teach, I have done personally.  I am not a theoretical coach.
  • I believe that your children and spouse benefit directly when you are happier because you are doing what you love.
  • God is my source.
  • Freedom and owning my time means everything to me.
  • I date my husband weekly in the middle of the day because I can. (I've been married for 20+ years)
  • My children have never seen my husband or I work a job because we are successful entrepreneurs.  We have been full-time entrepreneurs for over two decades.
  • I've built an international brand and business.
  • My background is corporate training.

I think this matters when choosing your coach.  You want a coach with proven results.  You want your coach to have the solutions you need to grow your business and life. You want accountability.  You want authenticity.  You want to be called out when you are not showing up 100% for your dreams and goals.  

My content delivers!!

So, I created this simple but powerful program for you.

Here is the deal about The Mom's Academy Scope School:

You pick your own journey.  Select from a library of over 250 videos based on what you need right now.

All lessons are packaged as either Life, Business or Mindset related training.  

Everything I teach you is relevant to support your growth this year in business.  I'm going to break down exactly what you need to do to achieve results.  My only goal is to see you knock the ball out of the park.

I will not ignore the fact that quality of life matters to you.

I will not pretend that you don't want to own your time.

I will not ignore the fact that you are a mom in business and need insight about coordinating these worlds.

I will not tell you what you want to hear so that I can make money.  I'm going to tell you straight so that you can do what you need to do to build your business.

I will not allow you to use motherhood/fatherhood/parenthood as your excuse as to why you cannot achieve your goals.  (You heard my story.  If not, replay the video.)


You pay only $147 month-to-month (cancel anytime). The program is for you if you are smart, sharp, serious about getting result this year and you believe in self-investment.  It is for you if you are willing to do the work necessary.  It is for you if you want to learn on your own schedule and time.  

 You may only sign-up once in The Mom's Academy Scope Coaching program.  That is all I will allow.  No, in and out.  You are either in or out.   I'm looking to work with individuals who are serious about both their commitment and persistence toward their dreams.  I want to work with women who do not quit on themselves, who want to learn from the best and that value quality training.  

It's that simple.  


That's it.

Oh, at this ridiculously low investment, I've given you access to the goods. Access to me, my brain and resources. You receive over 250 hours of training immediately.  

Your investment is only $147 per month. That's all.  

On top of that, If you decide to upgrade and work with me in my signature One to One or Core Moms Coaching Program, I'll credit you your entire investment (no sale products included in this offer).  That means that I'll pay you to coach with me in this program.  (That's why this program isn't for quitters or half-hearted entrepreneurs).


Now isn't that cool?

I want to work with people who have to get their business profitable, automated, systematized, monetized and in alignment with their life this year. I want to work with women that want to learn how to build a solid six-figure foundation in their business so they can have more options.

Is that you?

I told you this was so simple.


This is for you if..

  • You want to work with a Master Coach for Mom Entrepreneurs and Women.
  • You want to learn how to build a solid business from the comfort of your home with time-rich systems.
  • You want the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.
  • You are an implementor
  • You love video training
  • You want accountability
  • You want community with like-minded women
  • You want to work with a coach whose clients create, sell products and build profitable brands using their gifts, education, soft-skills and professional experience.
  • You believe in investing in yourself.
  • You want to work with a coach who has been full-time in business for over a decade (without a w-2 income)


Just to be clear, it is not for you if...

  • You are not a self-starter
  • You are coming inside the portal to take all so you can and leave ( I hope you've got 249 hours of your time to spare for that) I'd recommend implementing instead.
  • You are not serious about hitting your goal this year 
  • You are not willing to invest $147 per month for a coach


What's inside

This new information packed product features Business and Life Live-Stream Video Broadcasts created to support your goals.  Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist provides you with over 250 of her most popular scope training to support you with choosing your own coaching journey and path.  

Each week, we will load 1 additional training to provide you with added value and content that delivers.  In addition, you will join a private facebook coaching community with Mia to post your insights and connect with our community as you implement what you learn daily.


This program includes: 

  • 250 Business/Life/ Mindset Coaching Live-Stream Training Available Immediately
  • Access to join an Exclusive Private facebook group to share your thoughts, to be accountable and to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • One new additional Business/Life Coaching Live-Stream Training each week.
  • One Facebook Live Q & A on the first Wednesday of the month at 1pm EST with your Coach, Mia Redrick. So, yes you can get your questions answered also.


My goal is to allow you to choose your coaching journey with me by selecting the training that you want when you want it.  

That's it.  I'm keeping it simple for a simple program loaded with incredible value.  My goal is to give you what you need this year to achieve the results your deserve.  My goal is to challenge you weekly in our community to work harder toward the results you want.  My goal is to prevent you from hiding from your brilliance in a community of like-minded women.

We will see you on the inside of The Scope Coaching Program!  Sign up today and get started immediately!


Live fully,


Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist™, is a dynamic mentor, entrepreneur, lifestyle brand and a best-selling author of Time for Mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care and Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self-Care, empowers moms to live fully. She believes that you can achieve your goals in motherhood and teaches mothers her strategies and formulas to make it happen.

A segment host for the 2013-2014 season on the Emmy-nominated show America Now, Mia is an expert that teaches “How To” strategize the demands of motherhood and still “rock your life”. Mia has appeared on The Ricki Lake Show and Huffington Post Live. She is a Parenting Expert for ABC News 2 in Baltimore, MD and is a featured contributor on the popular Dr. Oz’s, Yahoo!,, and Redrick’s advice has also been featured in Essence and Woman’s World magazines, The Baltimore Business Journal, The Washington Post, The Vancouver Sun, and She has also been featured on National Public Radio Tell Me More with Michel Martin, and SKY Radio for both Delta and American Airlines.

Mia is the premier thought leader, change agent and sought after coach, who is shifting & influencing the conversation and relevancy about “happiness in motherhood”. Mia believes that when a mother is happy she adds value to her family, community, and her life. Mia’s goal is to support millions of moms to live fully.

Mia is a triathlete and the founder of the Iron Moms Triathlon Team. She resides in Baltimore, MD with her husband, three children and her lovable Shih Tzu dog, Mick Ray.

Visit the Time For Mom-Me community and Finding Definitions to learn more about Mia and the services she provides, including event speaking, retreats, consulting and coaching.


The Mom's Academy Scope Coaching Program

This information packed coaching program features Business, Mindset  and Life Video Training Broadcasts created to support your goals. Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist provides you with over 250 hours of her most popular scope coaching training to support you with choosing your own coaching journey and path.

Each month, you will receive 4 additional trainings to provide you with added value and content that delivers.  In addition, you will join our exclusive private coaching community with Mia to post your insights and connect with our community as you implement what you learn daily.  Once a month you will join Mia for a live Q & A on facebook live. Ask her anything!!

Client Testimonial

Andrea says. " I like the fact that there are so many topics that I can choose from to help support my business. It can help meet the need of any businesses on so many different topics, but is not a "one size fits all" approach."


You are billed only $147 for this program per month and may cancel anytime.  Once you cancel, you can no longer sign-up again for this product. I'm looking for women who are committed to themselves, their investment and that do what they say.

We will see you on the inside of The Mom's Academy Scope Coaching Program!  Where else can you get over 250 hours of top Business, Mindset and Life training for specifically for mothers for only $147 per month?


$147.00 USD every month