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She hit 6-Figures in 7 months

“A year ago I would have NEVER thought so much would change in so little time. I was a homeschool mom, running a blog, preparing to teach my FIRST online class (it was $97). Thanks to God for leading me to Mia Redrick and the Core Moms Tribe! I’ve hit 6-figures in 7 months, coached amazing women, and had my first 5-figure course launch. AND today I received the final copy of my first (of many, I hope) cover story for a digital and print magazine! I’ll be 29 in 9 days and I am seriously pinching myself! Thank you ladies for being the BEST, most amazing group of women to share this journey with!”

Yahya Smith
Queen of Femininity

From $1,300 to $225,000 in six months!

“Working with Mia Redrick has been amazing. I made my first $10k with her and in 5 short months crossed the 6-figure mark in my consulting business. I have now done over a quarter of a Million dollars in sales! Is it all about the money…no. Is there a secret… yes — investing and doing the work are the top two that come to my mind. I will always credit Mia Redrick for changing my family’s life and my business. “

Shayla Smart
The Smart Agency, LLC

She has earned over $116,000 within 6 months

“I just wanted to share that I have earned $31,799.89 since starting Core Moms January 16, 2017. Yes in less than 2 months!"

Tawanda Lockhart
Specialty Nurse

Marci made it over $50,000!

“So I was challenged by our fearless leader Mia to maximize my opportunity for my beta Business Bootcamp program that I launched. After really implementing strategies that Mia provided, I did pretty well in my first launch with my beta group that made $12k at first. As I was gaining & implementing feedback from the current beta testers, I decided to launch another group of beta testers to see if the new changes that I implemented would make the program better for the new testers.

Up until today, I had made roughly $4k on the second group. Well one of the beta testers had a corporation contact me. The corporation has decided to sponsor future entrepreneurs that are single mothers trying to get off of welfare to take my program to help assist them with developing, implementing and starting their own businesses…My discounted beta testing program launch made roughly $22k! Mia thank you for pushing us and really keeping me encouraged. I may not say much or brag about my accomplishments much but trust me…I’m listening and implementing…thank you again for the challenge!! I also have to thank my accountability team…without their support and feedback I would have given up a while ago! They are the best!!!”

Marci Nixon
Pure Business Solutions

Mia Redrick, is a top coach, entrepreneur, and a best-selling author, loving mother and wife, who created the renowned National Brand The Mom Strategist™. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Dr. Oz’s Sharecare, Dr. Laura. As well as Essence, Self, and Women’s World magazine. She has joined top shows like America Now and The New Ricki Lake. She has been heard on National Public Radio and on Sky Radio reaching both, Delta and American Airline. Her advice has reached and helped millions!

Mia has created an incredible successful and fulfilling life for herself and supported hundreds of clients in doing the same.  Mia is the "real deal"  entrepreneur that owns several businesses that have allowed both her and her husband to be full-time business owners for over two decades doing what they love.

She created her business from scratch over 13 years ago and works only 30 hours per month from the comfort of her home! She focuses on creating a balanced lifestyle, where she can work on what she loves, and still get plenty of time to spend with her beloved family, and on herself! She’s all about Quality of Life and Building A Strong Sustainable Income In Your Business Leveraging Your Gifts.

She is the premier thought leader, change agent and sought after speaker, who is influencing and changing the life of thousands of mothers. Mia believes that when a mother is happy she adds value to her family, community and her life. That’s why she empowers women to go after their dreams. The Mom Strategist is the absolute perfect mentor for any mother or women who wants to know how to create absolute Happiness in Motherhood.

Mia Redrick has launched her exclusive Scope Coaching Program, so she can support millions of moms on creating a fulfilling life and business.  

So it’s time for you to stop playing small, and join Mia to create the life you deserve!


My income has increased
five times or more...

For six months, I have been able to take all of my systems and programs and helped people mend their broken finances all over the world...

Carol Hunter - The Money Mender

If she’s doing all that for free imagine what you would get in a room with her...

Take the leap, just jump, just do it!

Shayla Smart -

Mia has been able to help me up level my business to a new level that I didn’t really imagine...

To see the other possibilities like my coaching program which I was able to create in a matter of a few months

Yolanda Lenzy -

Anytime she speaks she shares something phenomenal that I’d never heard before...

I had to be here to hear the 10, 15 more nuggets to get me to the next level

Mele Williams - The Diplomatic Scribe & Candid Conversation Coach

Mia will definitely give you steps to implement to get results... 

You will not be running in circles and she cuts your learning time significantly.

Camille Hazlewood - Fertility Coach

She will absolutely change your life and whatever work you do...

She has this incredible way of taking the work that you have and taking it to a whole new level.

Colleen Hawthorne, M.D. - The Vibrant Living Doctor



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