The Giants Circle - Premium

Congratulations, You Qualify to Join The Giants' Circle Mentoring Program with Mia Redrick!

Grow your business and elevate your life—all in the company of amazing professionals as GIANT as yourself!

Giants are substantial, ambitious people. They expect more. They do more. They push harder and they go farther.  

They're a force to be reckoned with. They make noise with their intellects and ideas, transforming the world around them with their gifts. And they always get the job done.

Sound like someone you know? You, maybe?

(If it doesn't sound like you, that's okay, too. I have other programs. ;)

Do you have questions about growing your business? Not sure if you're taking the right steps?

Or maybe you just need a qualified mentor to bounce ideas off of?

Inside the Giants’ Circle, you’ll have my full attention. I can answer any questions you might have and offer feedback informed by years of experience and success. 

As a Master Coach, I’ve supported hundreds of clients as they’ve written books, developed products, and significantly increased their incomes—with most people selling products for $3k, $5k, $10k, $15k, $25k, even $100k each after working with me!

Like me, these clients of mine are now "time-rich"; meaning, they no longer trade their time for dollars. By leveraging their knowledge, they've built businesses to replace those 40, 50+ hour work weeks, and now only have to put in hours a month. They can spend time on all the things they value, not just on work. 

I can do the same for you, but you have to be up for the challenge of getting to that point. 

You have to want it. 

As anyone who's ever worked with me will say: I will demand the very best of you.

I require that all my clients own the highest version of themselves.

By your side will be a wonderful community of like-minded go-getters who are also creating their own products—courses, coaching programs, trainings—and making BIG MOVES! Because that’s what GIANTS do!

It may be the first time you're surrounded by other giants. And I promise, it feels amazing to be around people as motivated, gifted, and  extraordinary as you are. 

Make your move today. Step inside the Giants' Circle. 

As part of my program,
you will receive:

  • A 90-minute Mentorship Call each month (9:00 p.m. EST on Thursday or Tuesday). You will receive direct mentorship from Mia on every call, and get all of your questions answered. ($72,000.00 value)

  • Access to an exclusive community of outstanding, action-taking professionals who will motivate you and support you on your new path and celebrate all your wins! (Priceless)

And the following training packages!


How To Build a Premium Product/Service That Sells in Six Weeks

($7,500.00 value)

Want to learn Mia's secrets? Want to learn how to increase your earnings by three, five, or ten times this year? This intensive Six Weeks training program is designed to support you in creating a valuable product that you can sell for at least $2500.00 by leveraging your expertise and education within Six Weeks.

You get access to:

  • Pre-recording training material, handouts and workbooks designed to support your learning and implementation.
  • A 90-minutes Group Q&A call with Mia every week for six weeks
  • Exclusive Bonus content designed to boost your learning.


How to Build A Six-Figure Business By Leveraging What You Know

($7,500.00 value)

With this training you will learn Mia’s strategies and formulas to create steady income streams. You will learn how to take your skills, education, and talent and package that knowledge into desirable products. Modules include: 1.) How to Create a Six Figure Business from Your Home with Time-Rich Models; 2.) How to Create a Six-Figure Business Using Teleseminars and Webinars; and 3.) How Create a Six-Figure Business Using Live-Events.

You get access to:

  • 13 incredible training audios on how to build a business with time-rich models by leveraging your experience, education and expertise to finally use your gifts for your own entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Handouts and workbooks to support your learning. 


The Mom's Academy Video Training Series:

($25,000.00 value)

You get access to amazing, content-rich training videos on Mindset, Life, and Business Success. The best part of this program is that it is tailor-made. You choose what you want to learn, when, and for how long! You are the boss. 

You get access to:

  • An enormous 750 video library filled with the information and knowledge you need to make your business grow!
  • Over 30 new training videos monthly, plus workbooks to follow your progress.
  • One monthly Live Q & A on the first Wednesday of every month.


*This is a 12-month contract 


TOTAL VALUE: $112,000.00
RETAIL PRICE: $15,000.00

Two Payment Plans Available


(Valid 24 hours after strategy session.)

Pay-in-full 1-year subscription of The Giants Circle  today and get $2,500.00 OFF! (Regular price $15,000.00)

You Get: 

  • How To Build A Premium Product/Service That Sells ($7,500.00 value)
  • A 90-minute Group Mentorship Call each month ($72,000.00 value)
  • How to Build a Six-Figure Business by Leveraging What You Know Training ($7,500.00 value)
  • 1-year access to Scope School ($1,164.00 value)
  • Access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs (Priceless)


TOTAL VALUE - $88,164.00




Get 1-year subscription to The Giants' Circle Extended TODAY in an Installment Payment Plan. You pay only 30% down payment of $5,000.00 and pay the remaining balance of $1388.88 over 9 months.

You Get: 

  • How To Build A Premium Product/Service That Sells ($7,500.00 value)
  • A 90-minute Group Mentorship Call each month ($72,000.00 value)
  • How to Build a Six Figure Business by Leveraging What You Know Training ($7,500.00 value)
  • 1-year access to Scope School ($1,164.00 value)
  • Access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs (Priceless)


TOTAL VALUE - $88,164.00


This is for you if: 

  • You are smart, sharp, and a go-getter
  • You believe in self-investment
  • You believe in investing in your business
  • You are an implementer
  • You want to create courses, ebooks, or coaching programs with what you know
  • You want to be part of a community with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • You want to get your questions answered by a Master Coach
  • You want to grow your business


This is not for you if:

  • You are not an implementer

  • You don't want to invest in your business and in yourself

  • You don’t execute

  • You don’t have any questions about moving your business forward

  • You don't have any questions about profitability, content creation, packaging your products, or marketing funnels

  • You don't like group coaching 
  • You are not looking for support and accountability
  • You're just not ready


Mia Redrick is a top coach, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and creator of the renowned national brand The Mom Strategist™. She has appeared in her own segments on the Emmy-nominated, nationally syndicated TV programs America Now and The Ricki Lake Show. You can see her column in The Huffington Post, where she offers tangible solutions for motherhood and business success. She has been featured on CNN, Dr. Oz Sharecare, and in Essence, Self, and Women’s World Magazine. And her insights have been broadcast on National Public Radio as well as Sky Radio (on both Delta and American Airlines).

Her expert advice has reached and helped millions!

Mia began her career as a corporate trainer, but soon realized her talents were best suited for helping women and top professionals reach their highest potential by leveraging their knowledge and unique gifts. She ignites the superpowers of ordinary people by giving them proven systems and strategies to turn the blueprints for their dream life into reality. She has since become a premier thought leader, change agent, and sought after speaker, partnering with Panera Bread, Corner Bakery Cafe, Great Harvest, and Marriot in her effort to empower mothers everywhere.

A devoted, loving mother and wife, Mia’s world was turned upside down when her husband suddenly suffered a significant medical emergency—acute kidney failure. After helping hundreds of clients build time-rich businesses, she was reminded just how beneficial it is to have the freedom and security that comes with such an entrepreneurial model. She didn’t have to worry about sacrificing time at work, income, or productivity in order to make sure her husband received the utmost loving care on his road to recovery. Her business put her in a position where she could provide for her family and personally care for them at the same time.

She’s proud of the business she built from scratch, where she only has to work 30 hours a month from the comfort of her home! She is able to live her purpose, balancing work and time spent with her beloved family—and she even makes time for herself as she firmly believes that when a mother is fulfilled, she adds value to her family, community, and her life.

Even after all her tremendous work over these past two decades, Mia has no intention of slowing down. She continues to offer her expert advice as The Mom Strategist™ on WMAR ABC 2 News during her segment, Cutting Through the Chaos—all while delivering amazing professional development programs to her clients, teaching them how to leverage their gifts to grow their businesses and their lives.

So what are you waiting for? Work with Mia now! Start living fully and create the life you deserve!

"I accepted your challenge to close at least $20,000 for my new 6-month program by July 31st. At 2:25PM TODAY, my final total is $20,298!!!!! The best news: my financial client is in Kenya, East Africa. Sooooo, my new program has thrust me back into the international marketplace and that's very exciting and empowering. "

Carol Hunter
The Money Mender

"As a new mom, deciding to invest in myself was a complicated decision but it was the right decision. I knew that my own methods had taken me as far as they could, and from reading Mia's materials and participating in some of her events, I knew that her systems and her coaching could help me get past my own glass ceiling. Within 45 days, I recouped 10% of the investment. Today, within 90 days, I had reached many of my personal goals on my vision board and am using Mia's tools and system to grow my business. Mia is real. Just like my 18 month old will need a coach to learn piano or soccer one day, I need her to coach me through product development and coversations. In the process, I have also gained an incredible network of impressive women who amaze me daily as we all make progress towards being better mothers, wives, and business owners. "

Aleks Stefanovska
Chief, Pain-Free to College

"I earned over $30,000 with my book "Let's Not Be Partners". I'm grateful for Mia Redrick's ability to coach and to support me with building this product. I recouped my investment 1000 X'S! "

Glen Garnes
Founder, Village Connector Community

"First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate on the seminar---The greatest of them all! Why? This is my very first intensive seminar outside my nursing career. I have learned so much out of intensified and exuberant information you have explored to teach us. I applied the methodologies I have learned from you immediately. I am recommending this to all entrepreneur."

Lorna Imperial
Owner Of The Amiable Travel

"Mia Redrick is a master coach! I'm proud to say, she is my coach. After a brief strategy session with her I was able to triple my pricing. Since that session I have not looked back. My online business is on course to triple annual revenue because of Mia's coaching. If you are looking to work with an online coach who will help you brand your brilliance and build your business online then schedule a strategy session with Mia today!"

Frederick D. Jones
Write Your Worth LIVE EVENTS

"I met Mia at a pivotal point in my life. I was asking my God, what’s next for me? How can I develop a definite voice to speak out and inspire others. Then I was introduced by a very good friend to the Coach, Mia Redrick. Coaching with her has given me the direction I was seeking and I’m now an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Step-by-step I am getting to build the life I have often dream of as a Motivational Speaker and teaching others how to get over the obstacles they may encounter in their everyday life."

Germaine Williams-Beckles
Rayogee Wellness and Lifestyle- Hair and Scalp Clinic and Salon

"I just made an empowering decision. After years of spending my weekends cleaning my home, I woke up this morning overwhelmed, exhausted and dreading the day of cleaning my humble four bedroom home and made a powerful call to Molly Maids. Oh how I've missed them. They will be here at 1pm. Instantly I felt free-er and energetic! Although I am a penny pincher, this will afford me so much more time to accomplish business, work, & life goals like going to the spa while my home is being cleaned, editing a proposal to submit to a global conference, finish work process flows, and strategize on business goals. Thank you Jesus for applied common sense!! #winning #LeveragingMyGifts #CleaningISNOTmyZoneofGenius. Thanks Coach Mia Redrick for reminding me to stop trading time for dollars & to work within my brilliance. She's amazingly awesome!!!"

Cindricka LaJane
Author Turning Passions N2 Profit

"I absolutely love working with Mia. She helps tend to my growth on so many levels. From mindset, to life, to business – in that order. I started Core Moms on a prayer and firm belief that Mia's guidance would be worth the investment. After one strategy session I quadrupled my income and raised my prices over 500% confidently. In the 2 months since I've worked with Mia I've been able to generate $32k in revenue in my business, without doing more work. There are a lot of coaches out there now but Mia is definitely the real deal!"

Yah'Zahra Adira
Nspiyahd Life

"Mia is one of the best thought leaders and coaches out here. Her programs are phenomenal and she backs up everything she does. I am proud to say that I am a part of her community and my life and business has grown tremendously because of her."

Candra Ward
Candra Ward Enterprises

"I've only been on board for 3 months, but a lot has been produced in this short time. I desired for too many years to support others with my gift of helping youth to show-up at the door of adulthood in the most awesome way. So in this small amount of time, not only have I written an easy-to-read guide of teen awesome tips, but there is also an ever-growing variety of smaller resources. As I worked with a group of teens that were leaving me by way of graduation, it was sooo exciting to know that I filled my calling just in time to help them show-up at that door more powerful than they could have ever could have imagined. The Thank You’s and tears and hugs were invaluable. I need you to know that you have a calling on your life, and she can help you live in it. "

Arelene Braddock
Teen Coach

"Working with Mia Redrick has been amazing I made my first $10K with her and in 5 short months crossed the 6 figure mark in my Consulting business. I have now done over a quarter of a Million dollars in sales! Is it all about the Is there a secret... yes-investing and doing the work are the top two that come to my mind. I will always credit Mia Redrick for changing my families life and my business! PS I am typing this from the airport in Las Vegas with my husband (who works within the business) and our 2 homeschooled daughters. We are on a year long nomadic (all of our stuff has been put into storage) business and fun travel journey together as a family!"

Shayla Smart

"Mia is the truth as a coach. She will hold you accountable when you are ready. Very authentic and serious about her business. She delivers. Much love always Mia."

Kimmoly Rice-Ogletree
Christian Divorce Coach

"I am Lisa Larter (your favourite client) and I help business owners integrate modern marketing with effective strategy to increase sales and profits. Before I met Mia I had this big idea for a book and I didn’t know how to start or even if my idea was worth pursuing. I struggled to find a way to fulfill my dream of writing a book. Now I have a book, Pilot to Profit and it’s a #1 Best Selling book in multiple categories and countries. In fact, Amazon named it a #1 Hot New Release the day it came out and was sold out everywhere within hours! Love you Mia!"

Lisa Larter
Author Of Pilot And Profit

"Before I worked with Mia on my book, Sole to Soul: How to Identify Your Soul Purpose and Monetize It, I had already been a successful business coach/consultant and had already made my first million by 31 and wrote 2 books; however, although I was proud of my business and the impacts that it was making with my clients, I was not pleased at all with the 2 books I had done prior. I felt like I did not have the winning formula yet AND THEN, Enter Mia Redrick!! Working with Mia was one of the best business decisions that I made. The way she coached me around my book, she literally coached my book out of me. I was so pleased with the process and she made it easy. As a result of working with Mia, I am now an Amazon bestselling author and my book has been consumed around the world. Furthermore, I am proud of this creation and have been able to leverage it for additional products and services in my business. As a result of working with Mia Redrick and getting my core message and purpose out there, it further gave me the courage to do a world tour and step up in my ability to serve entrepreneurs that are servant hearts, givers, purpose driven, spiritual and cultural creatives. It was not just about the book, Mia allowed me to organize my soul’s message in a way that catapulted my level of clarity and solidified my ability to connect with people, even when I am not in the room. This experience was priceless and I have recommended Mia to several amazing people that are up to big things. If you are reading this, I want you to know that Mia Redrick is the real deal and she brings a winning formula to any service that she provides."

Melissa Evans-Hughes
Guru Of Implementation

"Prior to working with Mia, I lacked the ability to say no to unhealthy demands and unreasonable expectations. I couldn't focus on my business goals. I let perfectionism and procrastination get in the way of finishing projects. I made excuses: I was exhausted from caring for my late mother prior to her death. "Now that mom is gone, sister and dad need me to take care of them. " But the truth is, I didn't have a system to deal with life's challenges and remain focused on the needs of my immediate family and my business. Within 30 days of working with Mia, I'd completed an e-book (AND brought it to market), and created an exciting new direction for my business. AND I have established healthy boundaries with my extended family! I would advise anyone dealing with similar challenges to run -- not walk -- to Mia's expert and compassionate guidance."

Mele Williams
The Diplomatic Scribe & Candid Conversations Coach

"As a PGA Golf Professional, I value great coaching and instruction. Mia Redrick helped me turn my dream of becoming a bestselling author into a reality. In addition, she helped me close my first partnership to sell my books in bulk to a local school district. My investment has returned 100%. Thank you Mia. You are the best!"

Tim Sanders
PGA Golf Professional And Best Selling Author

"I have immensely enjoyed working with Coach Mia. Her way of thinking is refreshing. I love the systems she teaches and how much she pushes me to demand my worth and to be visible. The transformation is so real, that my family don't recognize me. Mia does not operate out of the hustle hype agenda. Which I like, she teaches Mom's how to show up and show out and position their gifts for profit. I am proud to be coached by Mia, it's an honor!"

Mercy Myles-Jenkins
Dominion Coaching

"Mia is a thought leader who can make a product out of YOU! I have been able to structure my business & learn many ways to monetize without working around the clock! One to many models is her sweet spot. If your ready to play out loud, Mia is always ready to serve."

LaTasha Floyd-White
Certified Coach Trainer Speaker at The John Maxwell Team


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